Custom logo design also linked to a claim is the basis on which the image of a company is based. Pantone colors, typographic contrast and graphic elements make your brand compact and recognizable everywhere.

The way your company is represented on various media, such as catalogs and business cards, the website and product packaging, company vehicles or uniforms worn by your employees at the store it is called brand identity when everything is coordinated in colors and visual appearance. Starting from an accurate analysis of the different types of market catches one's eye that it's mainly through the brand that people have a first impression and recognize your company everywhere.

The logo design is the representation of the company even before a potential customer crosses your door. It's on the sign of the store or office or company, it is on the website that users find on the net when they look for products like yours, it's on the billboards placed on the roads with the greatest traffic, it's the profile picture of your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles (business) … Logo design is a factor that should never be underestimated and if you have the chance, it is something that must be developed by professionals without getting caught up in the creative fever in a moment of DIY with a sheet and a pencil.
Of course, rely on a professional doesn't mean "I would like a logo with the symbol of an elephant and the word half blue and half red" but let yourself be advised by those who have analyzed your competitors, your type of product and customers you are targeting. If you are not sure rather we advise you to spend some time doing a good search on the net, getting information and asking even 4/5 estimates to different professionals and once the trusted person is found, in this case, it is good to let oneself be advised.

Are you convinced? At this point how do you proceed? The roads that can be taken are two:

Or you are a company already positioned, but you realize that your most faithful logo is already 15 years old and you believe the time has come to modernize it in line with current times.

Or you are a start-up that is just being built and among the various tasks to be performed to start you have taken into account that all this will have to have a face, therefore it is better to start immediately with the right foot.

In one case or another, please contact us and ask for advice, you will be amazed.

Logo Portfolio by Giordano Designer

Logo Design per ACSOR Immobiliare

ACSOR Immobiliare

Real Estate  Construction 

Logo Design per Domus Resort Le Tanche

Domus Resort Le Tanche

Hotel  B&B 

Logo Design per SOS Iride

SOS Iride

Onlus  LGBTQ+

Logo Design per Architettura 1973

Architettura 1973

Architecture  Interior Designs

Logo Design per Sacchi & Associati

Sacchi & Associati

Law Firm  Lawyers 

Logo Design per Parquet Sangaletti

Parquet Sangaletti

Parquet  Wooden Floors

Logo Design per Onoranze Funebri Italia

Onoranze Funebri Italia

Pompe Funebri  Funerali

Logo Design per MadTools


Metalworking  Drilling

Logo Design per Romà - Gelati & Caffè

Romà - Gelati & Caffè

Ice-cream  Coffee Shop

Logo Design per Ti Leggo Le Carte

Ti Leggo Le Carte

Cartomancy  Tarot Consultation

Logo Design per I Cinque Sensi

I Cinque Sensi

Wine  Sicily  Food

Logo Design per Geo Risorse

Geo Risorse

Ecology  Waste Disposal

Logo Design per Jamaka


GYM  Fitness  Sport

Logo Design per REVI 4


Accounting  Agency

Logo Design per A.A.D.A.


Onlus  Autism  Children

Logo Design per Ristorante Quattro Gatti

Quattro Gatti

Chef  Restaurant  Food

Logo Design

Iassu Viaggi

Travel  Agency  Vacations

Logo Design per Pasticceria Le Delizie

Le Delizie

Chef  Pastry Shop  Dessert

Logo Design per Immobiliare SI Group

SI Group

Real Estate  Agency  Renovation

Logo Design per Top Of Milan

Top Of Milan

Events  PR Consulting  Meeting

Logo Design per Posa Green Design

Posa Green Design

Gardens Design  Synthetic Grass

Logo Design per BEe SWEETY


Food Truck  Ice Cream

Logo Design per Tecnopresse srl

Tecnopresse srl

Die Casting  Industry

Logo Design per Mobella


Fashion  Clothing  Woman

Logo Design per Dj Ciuffino

Dj Ciuffino

Dj  Producer  Music

Progettazione ErreGi Filter

ErreGi Filter

Engineering  Filter Presses

Logo Design per Pane, Amore e Fantasia

Pane, Amore e Fantasia

Gastronomy  Pastry  Food

What are the various stages of design?

Logo design is developed to clearly distinguish itself on any type of media like printed paper, web, video, small formats or large billboards.

At the design stage a pantone of 5 colors and a typographic contrast of 2 fonts is studied and combined with it, which will be reported and motivated in a guideline (pdf) so that you can have clear references for any other needs that may arise in the future.
The brand/logo (based on marketing analysis such as product type, competitors and target customer) it is also presented with the contribution of mockups (in terms of draft) so as to immediately give you a visual perception of what the final result will be, below and on the basis of specific requirements, the individual elements you need will be designed in detail such as business cards and letterheads for example.

Original file is provided in vector and png format + guideline with Mockups (.pdf)