Developing successful e-Commerce websites is a delicate process: we build your online sales project thanks to expertise and experience.

Since 20 years, before developing your e-Commerce website we want to understand well with you what you do, what difficulties you are experiencing and what your goals are.

The development of e-Commerce websites for the online sale of products or services has for several years been a turning point in the way of doing business ( Amazon above all) and especially, after COVID19 paralyzed the economy all over the world, digital commerce can give us the tools to react.
Below we will try to clarify with you on what to think before requesting the e-Commerce implementation for your business, what are the different types of e-Commerce?
An e-Commerce website is enough to obtain satisfactory results or is there something else we should take into consideration?

Creazione e-Commerce

  What an E-Commerce is?

We consider e-Commerce all websites that include sales functions (add to cart - complete order - pay by credit card / Paypal / bank transfer) and that these are developed for the sale of products (physical / object or digital that can be downloaded after purchase), for booking rooms / flights / trains / parking (Booking), for membership subscriptions or online registration for paid events such as concerts, fairs, school masters, etc. …

Like a car it is made up of an aesthetic side (bodywork and interior) and an engine, similarly an e-Commerce website is developed in a personalized way in terms of visual impact and content navigation based on your type of business and it is powered by an engine (standard) which sees among the best known:

  • WooCommerce Logo


  • PrestaShop Logo


  • Magento Logo


  • Shopify Logo


  What activities should an e-Commerce always follow?

Established that the e-Commerce website itself does not bring results in a very short time (but always and in any case in the long run) unless supported by web marketing activities that push it as fast as possible and let's see together what they are.

Web Marketing Strategies For E-Commerce Website Development:

  • User behavior analysis tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel so as to monitor which products get the best results and which have difficulties, at the same time having reliable tools to guide our campaigns and sponsored posts on social networks.

  • Optimized Google Map for your online store with clear descriptions and the addition of your products so that they can be purchased directly on your e-Commerce website with a simple click from Google Map.

  • Creating an account on Google Merchant Center and perfectly synchronized with your analysis tools and with your e-Commerce so that all your products are shown for re-marketing and Google search and thanks to the automatic synchronization in real time you only operate on your website and any updates to prices and descriptions will also be sent to Google without you having to do anything.

  • Creation of a Facebook Business page and a Instagram Business profile optimized for your e-Commerce, addition of all the features for the Shops that synchronize all your products with the Shop of your social profiles, users will be able to find your products in the Market Place and with a simple click be redirected directly to the shopping cart of your website.

  • Automated E-mail Marketing and Newsletter systems which send an e-mail notification with summary of their cart if the website is abandoned before completing the purchase procedure as well as a series of newsletters that are sent to the user after the purchase with periodic deadlines (after 1 week, after 3 weeks, after a month) and maybe asking him / her to leave a review on the products purchased.
Creazione siti e-Commerce
Creare un sito e-Commerce

  Law of cause and effect of an e-Commerce website.

We pose the causes for obtaining sales and first let's clear up the most painful point about e-Commerce websites right away, the website itself is not enough to generate profits quickly and it needs to be supported by web marketing and search engine optimization activities, so know that once your e-Commerce is online (regardless of who makes it) you don't need to stare at the screen from the next day waiting for the orders to magically fall from the sky because things are absolutely not like this if you don't advertise it.

The effects of a job well done will not be long in showing, but let's remember (especially at this moment) that having done everything imaginable to develop digital commerce of your products is strictly dependent on market conditions, we depend on each other and your outstanding products, presented in the best way and with impeccable services they need that people out there are the conditions (economic) to buy them, in a moment of profound social well-being you would struggle to respond to all orders and with the right tools, but in a time of market collapse, things could get more complicated.

   Remember carefully that an online store is no different from a physical store and requires to be followed, check orders, give assistance and prepare shipments by immediately providing the user with all the information to track their order. ... one works full-time!
Your commitment and willpower in posting news and updates on your products on social networks periodically and above all always responding promptly to those who request information from the site or through the messaging of social profiles can really make a difference.