Our web agency provides expertise and professionalism to create web sites, e-commerce, landing pages and web marketing strategies to help you grow your online business.

We are here to add value to your work and ensure that your company can dramatically improve the results already acquired ... What we basically do?

What our Web Agency can offer is competence and professionalism to help you grow your business using all the means that visual communication and above all the web make available.
Just take a look around when you go out shopping, drink coffee or just take a stroll downtown to immediately see how everyone uses the web to search for anything and also thanks to increasingly advanced smartphones today the web has become an indispensable part of everyday life, surely we can think about this but what interests us right now is to understand how use web marketing to take advantage of it … that's why you were looking for us, right?
Browsing our site you will notice that the web is not the only thing that comes into play when you want to make a change in your business, but also the way in which we present ourselves makes the difference.
Let's talk about the logo and the brand of your company because, whether you want it or not, the appearance of a catalog or a simple business card immediately gives us the feeling if we have a professional or an impromptu in front of us and certainly not need to be a designer to understand it, just common sense.
Keep in mind that decisive boost to your business does not mean deleting the foundation that brought you up here and that obviously worked fine or we wouldn't be here talking about it, but it is equally true that if concrete and serious results are sought these may not arrive by magic and without commitment, time, work and if you allow us … someone who really knows what he is doing!


Through what support, tools and media should a web agency follow you? We take care of you on 360°

e-Commerce Development

Create your Online Store, reach new customers that you had not even considered up to now and receive payments easily and securely.
The development of e-Commerce websites for the online sale of products or services has for several years been a turning point in the way of doing business ( Amazon above all) and especially, after COVID19 paralyzed the economy all over the world, digital commerce can give us the tools to react.

Websites Development

Keeping in mind how we want to introduce ourselves to our customers, today, the website is what most exposes us and is literally our showcase. The user experience they are looking for more or less easily, up to conclude with positioning on search engines (Google above all) which decide what, how and when to show your work to users. Ask us for a no-obligation consultation.

Photo Retouching Photoshop

Our web agency has received numerous awards and prizes for retouching images, in particular thanks to the potential of a tool now known even to non-experts and called Photoshop. Images today do not simply present a product, but are an integral part of it and it is statistically proven that the quality of images affect the choice of the people while purchasing.

Graphic Design

When we talk about graphic design, publishing and printing let us consider what are the tools that your business should enhance and this depends precisely on your type of work. To understand, a furniture factory certainly needs an attractive catalog while an accountant needsbusiness card, letterhead and elegant and professional advertisements. What's your business?

Web Marketing

One of the basic questions of advertising that people ask is the following: "advertising works?" Our web agency knows that words like SEO and Indexing, Social Media Marketing, Adwords PayPerClick and Display campaigns, Remarketing and Newsletter have become part of the common jargon, but to answer this question is it necessary to first establish what is meant by effective advertising?

Video Presentation

The right mix of audio and video stimulations allows to create emotional states that involve viewers. Dynamically support the Layout of a website, make your shop windows bright and help explain certain passages in presentations at trade shows or conventions. From motion graphics of your brand to more complex video editing our web agency is able to support you and study with you the best solution.

Satisfied Customers

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  • Gaetano is a serious and reliable professional, able to understand what the customer needs and to know how to convey it on the best road. Excellent availability and timing. And then, what is a basic aspect in my opinion, true and sincere human relationship.

    Author Andrea Rossi
    • Andrea Rossi
    • 4 Gatti Restaurant
  • After having tried so many (too many ), through a common friendship I asked for a website to be built for me. High professionalism , and especially with respect of production time. Once the first one is done, in addition to being quickly positioned on the first page, today he has made over 30 websites for us. competitors ask me what strategy I used !! Recommended to the most finicky.

    Gianni Travaglione
    • Gianni Travaglione
    • Service Madrid
  • He has the ability to develop customer's idea into a true work of art, high quality and excellent usability at a price that I consider honest and motivated.
    Highly recommended.

    Posa Green Design
    • Posa Green Design
    • Synthetic Grass Gardens
  • Gaetano is a very good professional, very creative person able to provide brilliant ideas and suggest the best for the visibility of the project, as well as being very expert in his field.

    Author Gabriele Cavicchi
    • Gabriele Cavicchi
    • Marinco fze
  • He is Fast, meticulous, spectacular ideas and graphics to be envied! especially patient indeed very patient even with the most insecure and unaccustomed with technology customers ... like me!

    Author Le Delizie
    • Le Delizie
    • Pastry & Coffee Bar
  • Very serious and professional person, with extreme precision takes care of every detail and with a detailed analysis can find the best solution from an aesthetic and functional point of view, an excellent point of reference if you want to give an important visibility to your company.

    Author Simone De Soghe
    • Simone De Soghe
    • Tecnopresse srl
  • Gaetano Giordano is efficient, punctual and "meticulous". It leaves nothing to chance. Accurate under every point of view. It is also a simple person, with whom it is easy to talk even if you are not in the sector. He can understand the needs, putting you in the friendly position to explain what you are looking for. Highly recommended!

    Author Pamela Testa
    • Pamela Testa
    • Isola Zio Bruno
  • Availability, punctuality and frankness are the first adjectives that come to mind thinking back to all the work that Gaetano did for me.
    Really recommended.

    Matteo Monfrini
    • Matteo Monfrini
    • Fuox srl
  • Quick and innovative very attentive to our needs, he listens to you, advises you, understands you, is very available, to get to what you want.

    Author Walter Locatelli
    • Walter Locatelli
    • La Litostampa
  • The very special personal story of Gaetano makes this Graphic Design professional an exceptional partner, both from the business profile and from the personal point of view. Big heart and always ready for dialogue and listening to professional collaborations.

    Author Roberto Nervi
    • Roberto Nervi
    • Filmmaker - Producer
  • Gaetano is a very talented artist and an amazing person. He works hard and really knows his job. I highly recommend hip for the extremely high standards of excellence, creativity and professionalism.

    Author Martin Benes
    • Martin Benes
    • Creative Retoucher
  • I had the pleasure of commissioning a very delicate job which included the creation of a professional website and many other mobile supports. He completed all the works with excellent quality, respecting the established times.

    Author Luca Vaccarino
    • Luca Vaccarino
    • Seat Yellow Pages
  • Gaetano used to be an Admin for my Photoshop and Lightroom group on Facebook, but I had to let him go as he was exploding with creativity & possibility! Gaetano is a fantastic digital artist & designer, trainer & creative director. When I think of Gaetano I always think of one word - Genius! Gaetano is great at any creative project he works on! Gaetano seems to have no limitations. It is an honor to call him a friend as well.

    Author Andrew Kavanagh
    • Andrew Kavanagh
    • Photoshop Retoucher
  • Gaetano is a supremely talented designer. His designs are intricate, structured and engaging. I definitely recommend his work.

    Author Will Engel
    • Will Engel
    • Journalist - AXS
  • Gaetano is a self made man and alone he managed to turn his passion into a business. His passion, in fact, has pushed him forward and now pushes him further, with new ideas and new jobs. He is able to combine design with photography with technique and passion. His works are extremely precise, from lettering to images, from web to graphics, everything is uniform, everything is in tune. A true professional and a true artist.

    Author Alessandro Anglisani
    • Alessandro Anglisani
    • Photographer
  • Gaetano is a remarkable visual communicator who brings an impressive design aesthetic. His talent, creativity, and expert technical skills show in his work as a creative director with projects including digital art, digital photography, advertising, branding, web design, and more. I highly recommend him!

    Author Lauren Cullen
    • Lauren Cullen
    • Graphic Designer
  • I was introduced to teh web agency of Mr. Giordano when we both moderated the Photoshop and Lightroom Users Group on Facebook (over 50k members as I write). I was, of course, immediately impressed with his visual perspective. Gaetano has a style that is incredibly unique in a field known for uniqueness. He is a man with talents that stand out among others. I was fortunate enough to 'meet him' via video conferencing. During these meetings I was impressed not only by his insightful additions to the agenda at hand, but by his good humored approach.

    Author Ed Ward
    • Ed Ward
    • Mental Ward Design