Professional photo retouching photoshop of portraits, models, celebrities and athletes for advertising and fashion campaigns. Product image retouching.
“ Digital photography is an observation exercise and photo retouching is the darkroom. „

We are sure that everyone at least once in their life has heard of photo retouching photoshop to indicate an image that had been manipulated so as to embellish a movie diva or a sports athlete. Think about that Photoshop known as the main tool for photographic retouching, currently it has almost completely replaced in common parlance the word "retouching" with "photoshopped" as in some cases, to criticize ironically too beautiful girl … "surely she's photoshopped".

Is the retouching of an image linked only to the advent of digital?
Of course not, since the invention of the first camera shots were corrected at a later time; in the beginning the images were only in black and white and to modify them they used very fine brushes and dipped in china, subsequently with the entry into the market of the first analogue cameras and at the same time also color images, corrections or adjustments were made in the film development room or better known as a darkroom where by cutting out some cards the light was filtered only in some points so as to enhance the eyes of a person, for example, or to leave part of the face in the shade and give greater drama to a photo shoot.
Fotoritocco PhotoshopWith the debut of the first digital cameras the photo retouching photoshop technique also makes its appearance where the very expensive photographic rolls (not for the price of the individual but because you needed so many) are now replaced by SD cards and a computer monitor almost completely replaces the darkroom.

But let's get to us and we try to understand in which cases you can request our photo retouching photoshop services and to do this we have to get out of the schemes that lead us to think that it concerns only images of models, VIPs or athletes and enter into a commercial product perspective … just yours!

Photo Retouching Portfolio by Giordano Designer

If you have had the opportunity to browse other content on the pages of this site you have definitely made the concept that your appearance is not everything in life, but presenting yourself badly is the equivalent of losing endless opportunities to sell your products or services.

Let's make some practical examples of where these techniques are applied and we take into consideration the jewelery sector, watches or smartphones and we are sure that you happened to flip through the catalog, have you ever noticed how the images are perfect and without any reflection? Yet if you try to photograph a bottle or a glass with your smartphone there's no way that you do not remain reflected in the glass … so, from the clock, who took away the reflection of the photographer?

Let's say instead that you decide to bring your store of racing bike accessories online making you create (maybe from us) a nice eCommerce site with all your products just a click away and Payment by credit card to Cart, but for aesthetic needs and to ensure that the user perfectly sees the single accessory it is good that every single accessory is outlined in the background to remain on a white base.

For these cases or the catalog of a furniture factory, the packaging of biscuits, a line of clothing worn by models and much more … you can ask us!