We develop web marketing and social media marketing strategies with analysis of your business, targets and competitors to give you the best results. Content strategy and SEO for the best search engine rankings.

Internet is the main source of answers in the world and people rely on it constantly to get fast and reliable solutions to their questions.

Our web marketing agency studies your type of business and the best strategy to promote it through web and digital channels, it must be said that this type of analysis uses a technical language that is often really incomprehensible for non-experts, but we know that even among you terms like SEO and SERP used to indicate the search engine positioning, campaigns on social networks or with videos on YouTube, Email Marketing and eCommerce have become part of the common jargon, one hears them repeated on TV or in some article without understanding the actual meaning so often the focal point is lost sight of ... but why should I invest money in these things?
Because since the dawn of time trade has grown thanks to advertising and word of mouth and today the world is online, most technical terms very simply indicate the different types of actions or methods that govern advertising and the tam tam in the web jungle. What we can say with certainty is that if we want to increase the number of people entering through our store door and the telephone ringing for order requests, today the network is the best way for all this to happen!

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  How to increase your business.

The first thing you need to be clear about is that a web marketing agency has no magic formulas but it studies and develops strategies; the second is that each type of activity has its own specific type of competitors, a way for people to look for information or buy that kind of product and each is aimed at a different and specific type of audience.
Let's take a practical example to better understand what we mean by "Strategy". We consider two types of companies that are completely different, such as an engineering workshop and a hairdresser, both want to increase their profits and get in touch with new potential customers.
The former could work on the contents of its website to better position itself on search engines and also work with an email campaign to contact and schedule appointments with companies interested in their engineering products.
The hairdresser could instead consider starting a series of sponsored posts on social network, maybe tied to a promotion once a week such as "every first Thursday of the month cut and fold for 30 €" and targeting their posts towards an audience of women only, aged between 25 and over and who live within 20 miles of his store.
Why? Because positioning yourself first on search engines with the word "hairdresser" is a utopia, would require huge capital and give almost useless results ... while the engineering company would throw its money out of the window with a social media campaign and what should he post? "A mechanical shearing machine for only € 90,000.00 to the first 5 who call"? ... Clearly useless if not even ridiculous!

  Web Marketing Agency.

To develop an effective marketing strategy it's useless to tease oneself based on the fact (for example) that we all have a Facebook profile and know what a post is therefore it should not be difficult, because it's not exactly like that and because what we are talking about is quite another thing. A marketing strategy starts with the analysis of 4 main factors:

  • Analysis of your business to focus all the points in favor and against, the types of services and products that you offer as well as your needs.
  • Competitor analysis, against whom are you going to collide? Who are they? What are the best and where are they missing.
  • Analysis of the target group of people you are targeting, are you a hardware store and do you mainly turn to professionals or a beauty center and your customer is 85% female?
  • Analysis of the tools that can allow you to obtain the maximum result with the least expense. Pay Per Click campaign, sponsored posts on Facebook and Instagram or sending newsletters?
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  Understand if the investment is paying off.

Regardless of the type of strategy adopted, our web marketing agency intends to follow you in the various steps also thanks to the tools for measuring the campaign performance which allow you to constantly monitor the progress of your investments. In this way it is also possible to correct the method or target of our campaigns based on the answers we receive from people looking for services or products like yours.
Every type of activity naturally clashes with a certain density of competition and is aimed at a target group of people with commitments, different interests and habits and for this it must always be taken into consideration that every web marketing campaign needs an initial period of evaluation of the public to which it refers and the type of media you are using.
Our web marketing agency uses and integrates analysis tools such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook control panels, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram which have insights tools for measuring the degree of response in real time and allow a precise evaluation of the active investments.

Ok, I like it ... but how much does it cost me?

Unfortunately, there is no universal price list for this type of service like price per kg, precisely because we are committed to being a serious web marketing agency the price is determined by your type of activity, the type of product and the level of competitors we are facing.
Contact us for advice and you will receive a free, no-obligation quote, take a look at it and if that's right for you, let's get started!