We are aware of what COVID19 caused and that not all activities require a PRO website and marketing strategies for this reason we have thought of you with a product that contains quality and a reasonable price.

Our solution showcase website, 4 pages and full responsive to create your online presence and at a price not to be missed, for you only 690,00 € instead of 930,00€ until 2022, 31 December

There are various activities, professionals or individuals that would get different benefits from being online, but for the most different reasons a PRO website might not be the optimal solution and this does not depend only on the budget available but also on the needs you have and the goals you have set yourself right now.
It's clear that present yourself with a website, a custom logo and a professional business card can make the difference on how you approach your next customers, It gives a professional style to your work and it certainly is, but you realize that presenting yourself badly leads people to be wary while instead with a small investment the impression that people will have of your work will be impeccable.

Showcase Website

  Your Online Presence

If you have already been able to browse other pages on this site, you have already noticed how we emphasize an indisputable fact and that is that wherever you turn there are people with a smartphone in their hand looking for information or a company … maybe yours!
With a small budget you can already put your bases online, this does not mean that work will rain on you from the web as if by magic, but surely your customers or when someone recommends your workshop or your store or your person, Your showcase website will be able to provide information and the right professional impact which can only gratify you and bring you benefits.

You are a sales agent, you have a hairdresser shop, you are a painter or an expert or you have a mechanical workshop and your work already gives you satisfaction thanks to word of mouth that customers and friends share, but you know better than we do when someone says "if you need a really good workshop go to Pippo & Pluto …" the first thing people do is take the phone, open Google Chrome and write "Pippo & Pluto Workshop" and … and the workshop does not exist.

  Showcase Website Conditions

We have created this product to pallow anyone to value themselves with a minimum investment though it is important to specify that being able to guarantee this offer there are constraints that cannot be modified and by transparency we will indicate them to you immediately:

  • You will provide us with your logo, data and texts which we will include in the four sections of your showcase website: that are the home page, the page about us, the services and contacts page.

  • You will need to provide images of your business and your work (better if in high resolution or in any case of good quality) so as to insert these also in the various sections, if you do not have images available then we can buy them on stock sites like Adobe Stock or on iStock or on Shutterstock and which provide for an additional cost of 12 € each one

  • The showcase website on offer is a template developed for the occasion and it cannot be modified or customized as it happens instead for PRO websites that are designed customized for each customer and the type of product sector.

Finally we remind you that every website, in order to exist, needs to:

  • Registration of the domain name www.mywebsite.com (if you don't already have one)
  • The hosting space where your website must be uploaded and published (if you don't already have one)
  • The hosting space always includes at least n°5 professional e-mail boxes and related to your domain like [email protected] or [email protected]
Pacchetto Sito e Brand

Do you like the idea and would you like to do something more? No problem, we still have a couple of ideas for you.

  Showcase Website at 690 €

Ready to take your business online and by clicking on the "Try it Online" button that you found at the top of this page you could get a pretty clear idea of what you are buying, below is a brief summary of what makes up this offer. Special conditions and valid until 2022, 31 December include:

  • Quattro Pagine (home page - chi siamo - servizi - contatti)

  • Fruibile Su Tutti I Dispositivi Mobili

  • Assistenza Contenuti

  • Backup Automatico


  Website + Logo + Business Card at 990 €

Best Selling

And here is one Maxi Christmas Promo for you and to make available all the basic tools to launch your business in a professional manner, take advantage of this incredible limited-time offer now and start making yourself known with pride and strength in your abilities. Special conditions and valid until 2022, 31 December include:

  • Logo design basic for your new brand or to modernize what you had, we will make three versions of your logo and you will have to choose one of them. (brand study not included in this offer)

  • Showcase Website 4 pages and full responsive (more details at the top of this page)

  • Custom design of yours business card and that you can have it printed at one of our partner suppliers, like Pixartprinting


  Social Media Marketing Promo at 360 €

From a search carried out on search engines and main social platforms your company is not well positioned or does not exist, optimizations could be activated. Special conditions and valid until 2022, 31 December include:

  • Creation and Optimization Google Map Business

  • Creation and Optimization Business Facebook Page

  • Creation and Optimization Instagram Profile


L'offerta è vincolata all'acquisto di un sito vetrina, logo e business card non acquistabili a queste condizioni separatamente.

Black Friday Sito Vetrina


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