My job is to tell your story in the most compelling way possible.

He is a Creative Director and the continuous research of the various aspects of visual communication is the basis of Gaetano’s work and it develops in the design of an idea that promotes a product as well as the identity of a company, it is developed on any type of support and includes brand/logo design, web design, social media, typography and printing, digital publishing, packaging, motion graphics, photo retouching and advertising composition.

In particular regarding the development of Web sites and digital publications Gaetano Giordano is certified Digital Excellencies - Made In Italy by Google, which is awarded after a training plan for professionals in the European community, in 23 steps, for designing Responsive Websites, Mobile Devices, Apps, search engines, creation of Google AdWords campaigns, use of analytical tools such as Google Analytics, Display campaigns, SEO, Keywords, Indexing and Social Media Marketing.

From 2012 to the present he has been an Adobe Community Professional, he is part of a community which selects a number of professionals from all over the world and experts in various creative disciplines including photography, web design, illustration, publishing and video as a support and reflecting of Adobe potential. Gaetano develops his projects with Adobe Creative Cloud technologies and provides technical support in the Adobe forums, on social networks, with technical courses or participating as a speaker at several events.

Communicating your message to the audience in the simplest and most effective way is the main goal for him!

Claudio Cecchetto Per Giordano Designer

Giordano Designer Awards

In 2018, in particular, he got the right with this website. The awards that recognize the talent and effort of the best web designers, developers and agencies in the world.
Awwwards is a meeting point, where digital design professionals from across the globe find inspiration, impart knowledge and experience, connect, and share constructive, respectful critiques. “Always questioning”, “always evolving”.

Creative Director - Gaetano Giordano

Three things I believe are fundamental in my job.

Motivation, Passion and Humility.

1) If the motivation that drives you is to become a successful and money-laden Guru you've already lost at the start ... What? The chance to enjoy life!

2) The love for what we do excites us to every step of our growth and pushes us to improve beyond our own limits ... winning inside!

3) resumption and arrogance are a prison of loneliness ... there is a great Master in each and every one is of vital importance!

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Radio News 24 Interview with Giordano Designer

Radio News 24 On Air, talking about how digital has become a cornerstone for the future of work in Italy after Covid19.

The future of digital.

The way in which Covid 19 has radically changed our lives is unfortunately clear to everyone and will almost certainly affect our way of life for the next two years, the economic crisis that is bringing Italy to its knees (as well as the rest of the world) pushes us all to turn our gaze to a greater awareness of how digital has become part of our habits.
Online purchase of any type of product or service is no longer an exceptional case but it now represents custom as well as social networks, with particular attention to Instagram, they are a meeting and sharing place that captures people's attention and time on a daily basis.
My invitation and advice is that every business and professional increasingly refine their knowledge of digital, undertaking to present themselves (for example) on their social profiles or Google Map in the most professional and effective way possible. We must take advantage of all the resources that the web and in particular YouTube offer us to begin to deepen and understand digital more and more.

In 2021 we can no longer consider digital as a possible option, but as an integral part of our work and of our company.

Continuous Search.

Today the web has reached unimaginable levels, both for the number of people that can take advantage of it as well as for the number of pages and websites published, to the point that those who deal with it cannot avoid study, updates and continuous research.
If we think of 7/8 years ago when the number of companies benefitting from this tool was in a somewhat limited way and we compare it with the results we see on search engines today, the ratio is 1000 to 1. In the past, by searching for a word like "shoes" you could get a few thousand results on Google, today the numbers are developing in terms of millions so much so that positioning and web marketing require surgical operations more than web development.

Our intent is to take care of our customers in a transparent way and with the utmost commitment to always obtain the best results for each of them, without ever losing sight of the right balance between expectations/budget and reality.

Interview At Live Social

Interview with Giordano Designer for the Live Social broadcast on Lombradia Radio which talk about Web Design and Social Media.

Interview With Giordano Designer

Interview recorded during the event Create Now in Milan, graphic designer and Visual Artist on multi-channel and communication.

Courses and Workshops.

Among the various commitments he support agencies and professionals in this area of expertise with refresher courses.

He hold lessons for classes in photography, photographic post production and web developers.

He give technical support for Adobe software like Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design, Dreamweaver and others ...

He participate in events as a speaker on the different mechanisms of visual communication.


nterview with Giordano Designer at Pronto Pro

Interview with Giordano Designer at Pronto Pro.

In the continuous research of the various aspects of creative communication, often we rely on technologies, techniques and inexperienced professionals: today many of those who profess themselves "experts" or "competent" in the sector, actually they have very little experience or expertise and skills than ideal.
But in the midst of the mess of offers of all kinds, from the poor ones to the best, we are always looking for those who can make themselves useful for our purposes like creativity, online visibility, web development and creation of winning content.
The one we want to present today is one of the leaders of digital communication, expert in creating prominent websites and advertising campaigns. Gaetano Giordano, was born in Bergamo, forty-eight years old, forty-two of whom spent with pencils, colors and brushes in his hands because drawing has always been a magical moment for him.

Interview with Gaetano Giordano – Photoshop Designer

Interview with Gaetano Giordano – Photoshop Designer.

The passion for design, in its various aspects, is something that I have had since childhood and I have always been fascinated by typography, layout, colors and shapes which of course prompted me to want to understand more and more of this world.

It’s strange because I have always had a different job from this and I lived this love such as playing Jazz in a garage with friends in the evening but one day the company where I worked for went bankrupt and after a moment of disorientation I made the decision to try to do what I really loved in life so I printed a business card and I started looking for my clients and the difficulties were many, but the satisfaction and rewards urged me to not give up.

oday I still to design everything with the same love … I still play Jazz in a garage !