Contractual Rules

The following Contractual Regulations, Terms and Conditions govern the relationship between Giordano Designer and the Customer for graphic design services, photo editing, website creation, brand / brand design, photo shooting and graphic animation. In the case of occasional services and / or freelance collaborations with other graphic and web design agencies as well as for training courses and workshops, the contract will be stipulated separately in agreement between the two parties and on the basis of the specific need.
For communications contact Giordano Designer, via Bergamo, 2 - 24040, Stezzano BG, phone +39 392 1679021, e-mail [email protected]

Warranty and Responsibility.

Once acquired by the Customer, the data necessary for the evaluation of the project will be followed by the submission by Giordano Designer of the cost estimate including the data related to the type of design requested by the customer, processing times and estimated delivery date (without prejudice that there are no additional requests from the Customer during the design phase and which will result in an increase in the cost). The customer has the right to request up to three revisions for any type of project beyond which an additional expense will be applied based on the type of specific changes requested by the Customer.
The Customer has the right to terminate this contract within three days for graphic projects and within seven days for the design of a website.

Terms of payment.

The date on which commissions are due can be found in the issued receipt. Unless otherwise indicated, the commissions are due immediately upon delivery of the graphic design, except for the design of Websites, Applications and where in the estimate stage the amount exceeds € 500.00 and for which the advance of 40% to acceptance of the same estimate (it is specified in addition that the termination by the customer beyond the terms established above and will result in the loss of the down payment as a redefinition for the design steps already performed).

Purchase website.

Based on Italian law and international copyright protection.
Your website is made with a completely customized design by us as a unique piece, when you buy a website you acquire the right of use (the usufruct for life) but not the intellectual property ... to give an example: the fact that you bought it does not give you the right to make a copy and resell it which is the equivalent of a theft by law.
Nor that the same website is transferred and entrusted to another web agency that modifies it and inserts it into its portfolio as a product, like a website created by them.

As it happens on the Stock photo sites (Fotolia, Adobe Stock, etc ...) when you buy an image for € 39.00 you buy the right to use it on your website or to insert it in a presentation brochure. you do not acquire the ownership of being printed on t-shirts and selling the t-shirts as your own creations or of reselling the images to themselves to third parties.
To overcome this (if you need it) you can buy the image with full commercial rights that goes (again to give an example) from € 39.00 to € 240.00 ... at this point the image is removed from the site and the user can do what he wants with it.
Similarly your website, in case one wishes to make a use of it other than that established by international copyright laws, he / she must specify it either in the estimate phase or if the need arises at a later time, please note that an ancillary cost will be applied. (indicative price equal to 80% of the cost of the website but variable from project to project) to acquire full intellectual property and do what you want with it.

Content provided by the Customer.

The expression "Customer Content" indicates any and all information or content entered or used by a Customer on his Site or for Graphics Services. Customer Content includes Texts, Personal Information and related to your business, Declarations as well as reviews and / or testimonials.

The Customer is solely responsible for his own Content. The Client assumes all the risks associated with the use of his Content, including for the assignment incumbent on third parties with regard to its accuracy, completeness or usefulness or regarding the disclosure of Content such as to make the Customer itself or another third party subject identifiable. The Customer declares and warrants from now on that the Content provided does not violate the Acceptable Use Policy (hereafter defined). The Customer can not declare or let believe that its Content is in any way supplied, supported or endorsed by Giordano Designer since the Customer (and not Giordano Designer) is solely responsible for its Content, it is possible that the Customer expose himself to liability if, by way of example, the Customer Content violates the Acceptable Use Policy. There is no obligation on Giordano Designer to remove from the Site Design, Design Concept, Graphic Design or Review unless this is necessary according to the applicable legislation.
Furthermore, Giordano Designer is not obliged to back up any part of the Customer Content which can be canceled at any time. It is up to the Customer exclusively to make back-up copies of the Customer Content, if desired.

Use of the Content provided by the Customer.

The Customer undertakes not to use the Giordano Designer Services together with the Customer Content to provide products or services that (a) violate third party rights, including any copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, moral rights, confidentiality, advertising or other intellectual property right or proprietary right; (b) prove to be illegitimate, abusive, illicit, intimidating, harmful, invasive of the privacy of others, vulgar, defamatory, false, deliberately misleading, denigrating, pornographic, obscene, outrageously evident (as material that promotes racism, fanaticism, hatred or the fact of inflicting physical harm of any kind against any group or individual) or otherwise deplorable material of any kind or nature or which is harmful to minors in any way; or (c) are in violation of any Law or obligation or limitation imposed by any third parties.


Without prejudice to the provisions of this Contract, Giordano Designer grants the Customer a non-transferable and non-exclusive license for the use of the Website and of Graphic Design Products (excluding Design Concept, Design in the Design Service and Design Sold ) for their commercial purposes. To avoid doubts, it is specified that the licensing on or the transfer of the Design Sold by Giordano Designer to the Customer is foreseen in the relative Contract for the Transfer of Design.


The rights granted to the Customer in this Agreement are limited as follows: (a) the Customer does not license, sell, lease or rent, transfer, assign, distribute, personalize, or commercially exploit the Site or the Services in any other way. ; (b) the Customer does not modify, draws works derived from, disassembles, reverse fill or reverse engineer any part of the Site or the Services; (c) the Customer does not use the Site or the Services to access or promote a similar or concurrent service; and (d) except as expressly provided in this Agreement, no part of the Site or the Services may be copied, reproduced, distributed, republished, downloaded, displayed, published on the net or transmitted in any form or by any means. Any future version, update or other addition to the functionality of the Site or the Services is governed by the general conditions set out in this Agreement. All information relating to copyrights and ownership of proprietary rights relating to any content of the Site or the Services must be reported on all copies thereof. Giordano Designer reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate, at any time, the Site or the Services, in whole or in any part, with or without notice.
The User accepts that Giordano Designer is not responsible of the Customer or other third party in the event of any modification, suspension or closure of the Site or Services, even partial. The User acknowledges and accepts the fact that Giordano Designer has no obligation to provide technical assistance or maintenance relating to the Website or the Services.

Third party websites and advertisements.

The Site may contain links to websites and services of third parties as well as advertisements in favor of third parties (collectively referred to as "Third Party Sites and Advertising"). Such Third Party Sites and Advertising do not fall under the control of Giordano Designer, who assumes no responsibility for Third Party Sites and Advertising. Giordano Designer offers Third Party Sites and Advertising exclusively for convenience and does not examine, approve, monitor, endorse, guarantee or undertake any commitment with respect to Third Party Sites and Advertising. The User uses all Third Party Sites and Advertising at his own risk. Through direct links to Third Party Sites and Advertising, the appropriate policies and general conditions of these third parties become applicable, including privacy and data collection practices. It is appropriate that the User takes all the information he deems necessary or adequate before proceeding to a transaction in connection with the aforementioned Third Party Sites and Advertising.