Digital communication, video business presentation and original animated graphics and effective for the launch of products and services, online banner ads, posts on social networks and web spots.

When and where videos can enhance your work? First let us clarify immediately that it is not about short films or commercials you see on television (on Sky, BBC, etc …) that we are talking on this page and for which you need to turn to studios or video productions, they require a director, actors and above all a decidedly important investment.
What we are talking about here is the video business presentation used on web platforms like YouTube for example, the presentations of a product or service you see on a big screen in a shop, bank or showroom as a visual support on your stand, 30 second videos created for advertising campaigns on social media also known as sponsored post for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Animated graphics of infographics to be integrated into Power Point presentations so as to give a greater visual impact to the presentation with a potential customer or again motion graphics video to present your app downloadable from Google Play, Apple Store and Windows Store … We need to continue?

Let's go into more detail on a couple of the examples we have just suggested, video business presentation for YouTube mainly used with Google Ads Video campaigns ie those 30 second videos that appear at the beginning and that you have to wait before you can see the trailer of a new movie coming out at the cinema or 60/90 seconds and that make you see the tab to the right of the player after 5 seconds with the words "Skip Adv "
These videos are made to immediately catch the user's attention and invite them to an action like call now, request a quote or find out how.
The same concept is also valid for sponsored posts on social networks where statistics on campaign performance and user behavior have clearly shown that people are more likely to stop and click to get information or buy when the post is a video rather than an image.
We also add to these two, the app presentations to be downloaded from the various stores, for all three categories the video dynamic has a sequence of events similar to: 1) many people have this problem 2) do you have this problem? 3) our product solves this problem 4) Click here to no longer have this problem.

Giordano Designer Presentation

Creation and editing of video business presentation for our brand, integration with motion graphics for advertising campaigns.

Promo Queen Hair Extension

Promo video for intro tutorials and tips about Extension, Ponytail and Wigs. Spot for Youtube campaigns and sponsored posts on Facebook and Instagram.

Motion Graphic Tipi Col Sound

Animated graphics for Hip Hop group "Tipi Col Sound" for music video intro, advertising campaigns and Rap school tutorial presentation.

I Cinque Sensi Promo

Graphic animation and editing, video intro for presentations and sponsored social post promo forr I Cinque Sensi - Wine shop and typical products of Pantelleria.

Video Post Social and YouTube

35 second spot made for social media marketing campaign and as a sponsored ad + Call To Action for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google.

Promo Romà Gelati & Caffè

New brand video presentation with final logo animation for Romà - Ice Cream Catering and opening of a new 2021 store completely renovated.

Commercial Ti Leggo Le Carte

Company video presentation + logo animation for the Ti Leggo Le Carte web portal. Cartomancy and Tarot consultation.

Queen Hair Extension Logo Motion Graphics

Logo motion graphics for Queen Hair Extension for corporate video presentations. Melting gold effect with Adobe After Effects.

Logo Animation for Posa Green Design

Animated graphics of the logo for Posa Green Design based on the garden design concept, created for intro video tutorials or video business presentation.

Logo MadTools Motion Graphics

Logo motion graphics, where the movements and the scene are inspired by laser cutting, calculation for precision instruments and with a futuristic setting (almost science fiction).

Logo Animation Leroy Merlin

Motion graphic logo for internal services in the synthetic grass field. Developed as an intro for video business presentation and technical videos.

Graphic Animation For Social Campaigns

Animated graphics applied to a video recording and designed for Pay Per Click campaigns on social networks and Youtube. Optimized for desktops and mobile devices.

Time-lapse video for Digital Art presentation.

We made short video demonstrations of about 60/90 seconds with the Time-lapse method for demonstration purposes. A look behind the scenes to the types of work and steps that lead to the realization of a surreal scene in digital, better known as Digital Art, compositing (photographic composition) or photo manipulation.

Photo Compositing Entitled Doctor Office

I created this Digital Art for Matthew Mackay - New York, also part of this image. Photographic composition of about 15 photographs and 9 hours of work.

Retouching Titled Reception

Time-lapse video to condense in 90 sec. the work of hours for this digital art image is entirely developed in post production with Photoshop.

Digital Art Carnival Street

I created this photographic compositing in Adobe Photoshop with over 500 layers and obtaining a final image / illustration of over 5 GB. Time-lapse video.

3D Rendering Video Animation

3D rendering created with Maxon Cinema 4D. I recreated this scenario in the mountains in digital and tied to the passing time over the course of a day.

Video Presentation Digital Art - Buddha Way

Time-lapse video to condense the work of hours for this digital image entirely inspired by the concept of Manga and Anime, the famous Japanese illustrations.

Video Showreel Giordano Designer

Video editing with graphic animation for the presentation of advertising graphics services, website development, photo editing and multi media.

Different is when we talk about video business presentation created to be displayed in the shop window, at the fair or integrated into presentations Power Point because in these cases the video must not include a call to action … at least we never saw someone fill a shop window with fingerprints while trying to download a coupon! But never say never.
This type of video must have a purely emotional impact, draw attention to your product and if we take the example of your stand at the fair while people run between departments in search of novelty your video on the screen attracts their attention, as soon as they are close to your stand it will be up to the hostess/steward to interact with "Hello, how can we help you?" … "I can leave a brochure so you will be able to look at it calmly?"

We could go into infinity in this field, but if you want to understand better if this is the solution for you contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions.